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Last Updated: 22 April 2015

Please note - Abortion Group's Directory is still a "work in progress"


Abortion Group's Directory is an online Directory which will show you how to get to support services in your area for the problems you or someone you know may be facing in pregnancy.  These services include health and social services, financial/material help, counselling, pregnancy centres and post-abortion support.  At this time, only services in Australia and some areas of the USA are included in our Directory but if you live somewhere else you may find our Guide to Finding Support in Pregnancy helpful.

We assess all the services we include to check details are current and that they are good places for women and people in need to go to help them with the problems they face in pregnancy.  It takes us time to assess services but gradually we will extend Abortion Group's Directory to more and more areas outside Australia.


To use our Directory:

  1. Click on 'Find Services' in the drop down menu under the 'Directory' main menu;
  2. We recommend then clicking on <Category> and selecting the type of service you are looking for;
  3. Enter your location in the 'Enter a location' window and submit or use 'Geolocate Me'.  

Alternatively, you can enter your location and browse the available services. 

If you have come here for help and live outside Australia or the USA, we apologise you will not find our Directory useful at this time. However, here is a guide with practical steps you can take to find services in your area which can support you in pregnancy.


Guide to Finding Support in Pregnancy

  1. Normal pregnancy is not an illness or a problem itself.  Try to think about the real problems or pressures you are facing. Are they financial?  You don't have support?  Are you single? Still young or a student or have a career to consider?.. or you don't want to parent?  If you are able to identify the real reasons you are stressed and scared about pregnancy, this will help you find real solutions.  Perhaps if you are under financial stress, you could inquire about government financial assistance or seek help in this area at a pregnancy crisis centre in your area.  You may find that you qualify for child benefits, paid maternity leave or other financial benefits.
  2. Try and give yourself time away from anyone putting pressure on you.  The majority of women who have abortions felt pressured by others.1  Do your own research on pregnancy and abortion.  Being well-informed will empower you in your situation and in dealing with people.
  3. Do an online search to find a pregnancy centre in your area and make an appointment to speak to a counsellor.  The best environment for you to share your concerns is in private and in person with a counsellor.  Do not expect to get good counselling just before an abortion appointment.  These type of consultations are usually rushed and inadequate. Research has found 84% of American women who had abortions said they did not receive adequate counselling beforehand.1  
  4. Being able to talk to someone about your situation is important.  If it is hard for you to get to a counsellor, think about who you know might be a good person to talk to: someone who is not judgemental and will understand your situation (like a friend or relative or your doctor) and is willing to talk and would be there for you, particularly if you decide you want to keep your baby.  This mightn't always be the people closest to you: you may need to look to other people who will support you in pregnancy.
  5. In many countries you can get support and counselling over the phone by ringing local crisis pregnancy hotlines.  The people on the other end of the line are ready and want to help you and will have information and resources to share with you.  No matter what your problem is, if it's causing you to be stressed, it's worth talking about.  
  6. Contact us using our online contact form or you can private message us on Facebook.  We will always respond within 24 hours and be willing to help you find the support you need.




1  64% of American women who had abortions felt pressured by others and 84% of American women who had abortions said they did not receive adequate counselling beforehand:

Rue VM, Coleman PK, Rue JJ, Reardon DC (2004). Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women. Med Sci. Mon, 10(10): SR5-16. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15448616 Retrieved 14 September 2014.




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