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Membership Application

Join Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd

Join WOMBS now and become part of an international community working for the rights of women in pregnancy and the rights of their unborn children.

Membership includes access to our Member’s Network where you can share your experiences, get support, get informed and get involved in events and advocacy for better pregnancy support.

After submitting the application you will be redirected to Paypal to pay the application fee of AUD35.00 for Ordinary Membership or AUD25.00 for Associate Membership. By submitting this application you agree to annual automatic payments through Paypal for the membership subscription (of the same amount), if your application is approved.

If you wish to pay for membership by cheque, do not use this online application. Please request a membership application is posted to you using our contact page.

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Please read & agree to these legally binding Membership Terms & Conditions

By applying to become a Member of Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd through this website, you:
1. Warrant that the information provided on this application is current and correct.
2. Sign up to be an Individual or Organisational Member of the not-for-profit Australian public company, Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd.
3. Agree that as a Member of this company, the limited amount of your guarantee in the event of liquidation of the company is 10AUD.
4. Unequivocally agree with the Principal Objects of Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd, stated in its Constitution, which are:
I. To promote social support and improve services for the health of pregnant women to continue in pregnancy;
II. Educate on the facts of human development, pregnancy and abortion and support the philosophy of personhood at conception through the organisation’s website, social media and campaigns or through whatever other means thought desirable;
III. Educate and promote that the life of a human being begins at conception/fertilisation as evidenced by science;
IV. Promote the rights of the child, declared by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) done at New York on 20 November 1989 ([1991] ATS 4), where the definition of a 'child' under Article 1 may be interpreted as extending to an unborn child and this is consistent with the CRC considering the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which indicates the child needs 'appropriate legal protection before as well as after birth';
V. Advocate and lobby for the protection of the human rights of the child in law;
VI. Lobby for more funding for better services, information and care during and after unplanned pregnancy for the health of women, their partners and families.

5. Agree to comply with the Constitution of Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd and any other rules, by-laws or policies or other standards prescribed by the Directors of the company from time to time.
6. Understand as an Ordinary Member you are entitled to receive notices of Members’ Meetings (General Meetings), attend these meetings and vote.
7. Understand as an Associate Member you may receive notices of Member’s Meetings upon your written request to the company and may attend these meetings but will not be permitted to vote.
8. Understand as either an Ordinary Member or Associate Member you will be issued with a Member Account for the exclusive Member’s Network with the username you provide in this application.
9. Will not give any third party access to the Member’s Network using your username and password.
10. Will notify Women & Babies Support personnel via phone or email if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your Member Account.
11. Agree Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd cannot ensure your use of the Member’s Network will be confidential.
12. Agree Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd is not responsible for any harm you or any person may suffer as a result of a breach of your confidentiality in respect of your use of the Member’s Network.
13. Will not act to harm or threaten Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd or other Members, either by wilfully refusing to comply with the provisions of the company’s Constitution or policies; or through abuse of the Member’s Network;
14. Understand that you may be expelled or suspended as a Member at any time by notice in writing to the address or email provided as part of your application, including in the event that you breach these terms; act in a way that is seriously harmful to the company or another Member; or if your Member account for the Member’s Network is suspended for failure to comply with the user rules.
15. Agree to pay the annual subscription fee for the membership type you are applying for, which will be automatically charged to your account through Paypal’s recurring billing on the same date annually that you submit and pay for this application.
16. Understand that your membership will cease if your annual recurring payment falls due and Paypal is unable to collect payment from your account after three attempts. After the first attempt when payment is due, Paypal will reattempt to collect payment three days later. If the reattempt fails, Paypal will wait 5 days to reattempt a second time and if the second reattempt fails, your membership subscription will be automatically cancelled.
17. Cancellation of your membership will result in suspension of your Member Account for the Member’s Network.
18. Acknowledge that the member information Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd collects from you will be stored securely and used or disclosed only for the purposes as set out in its Privacy Policy.
19. Will advise Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd in writing of changes to your name or address within 1 month after the change.
20. Understand you may cancel your membership by written request to the Company and may cancel your automatic (recurring) subscription payment within 3 business days of the scheduled date of the payment.
21. Understand these Terms & Conditions may change at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd, in which case you will be notified in writing.

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If you do not agree with these Membership Terms and Conditions you should navigate away from this page.

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(Providing the name of a current member will assist in your application approval)

I understand that by submitting my application for membership, I am not guaranteed acceptance as a member. My application will be reviewed & I will receive a response within 72 hours. If my application is rejected I will receive a refund of my application fee & Abortion Group is not required to give reasons for the rejection.

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