We can all change for the better, the impact abortion has on our world.  Whether it's in our everyday conversations, with our families, friends, colleagues or sharing on social media, we can all raise awareness of the need to support women in pregnancy and empower them with information on pregnancy and abortion.  

Conversations do change the world.


"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." ~ Dr Seuss


Act Now:


  1. Share information from this website weekly in conversations, on twitter, on facebook or other social media.  'Like' our Facebook page, posts and links and share your own comments.  As you do so, be considerate of the many people who have been adversely affected by abortion and be careful not to make any hurtful comments.
  2. Always talk about pregnancy positively.  You never know who might be listening.  Women who fall pregnant unexpectantly shouldn't feel that they have to hide their pregnancy from others or that it's the 'end of the world'.  Make sure you are well-informed and confident in discussing human life and pregnancy based on scientific evidence.
  3. Politely refuse to support or be involved in any abortion.  
  4. If you have the opportunity, offer to listen to a woman considering abortion and to her problems.  Show you care about her in her crisis and ask if she has considered all her options.  Suggest solutions which address the actual problems she faces in pregnancy and where she can go for support.
  5. Don't abandon a woman who is suffering problems in pregnancy.  Keep in contact and be there for her no matter what her choice.
  6. Share your story.  Send it to us using our contact form or any of our addresses with your permission to share on our website. You may use an alias or psuedonym if you don't feel comfortable sharing your real name.
  7. Post on our forums.  We have strict forum rules.  Conversation must be respectful and hurtful comments will be blocked.  
  8. Participate in events of other organisations in your area which promote a culture of life.  You may find out about these through our online calendar, 'Events for Life'.
  9. Join Abortion Group (AG) as a member to get support from other members and participate in AG action and events.  We have online tools to make participation easy.
  10. Donate Now to Abortion Group
  11. Purchase from our range of trendy tees and tops and other items through our online shop.  When people comment on them tell them about AG, how we are helping pregnant women and our website address, abortiongroup.com