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We ask you only engage in these forums if you :
  1. Agree not to use your real name as username when registering in order to protect your privacy;
  2. Respect that the purpose of these forums is to support women in pregnancy, not encourage abortions;
  3. Respect that pregnant women or relatives who engage here may be in crisis, dealing with very distressing and difficult circumstances;
  4. Respect that the 'political stance' of these forums is 'pro-life' which means we do not support abortion, yet understand women may make this choice and we seek to be there for them regardless of their choice;
  5. Agree to treat all other forum members with respect, courtesy and care;
  6. Understand that women, relatives or health workers may engage here who regret their abortion or involvement and need kindness, understanding and support to heal or cease involvement in abortions;
  7. Do not post abusive, threatening or judgemental comments;
  8. Agree not to post graphic images (particularly of aborted babies) or articles or use the forums as a means to advertise or re-publish literature, promotional or otherwise;
  9. Are not under the age of 13 years old;
  10. Agree with this website's Terms and Conditions of Use (found under 'Site Use' footer menu).

  11. If you do not agree with the rules of these forums, please do not use them.

    All messages on these forums are moderated and inappropriate comments which contravene these rules will be deleted. If a user continually disobeys the rules of these forums that person may be banned, at the discretion of the moderator(s).

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