Last Updated:  22 July 2014


Abortion Group (AG) has noted many initiatives for the future but for the present our main focus is producing an informative and useful site, with good online services for women and others affected by abortion.  


 AG's 2014/2015 Project is its website.

We will:

  • Continue to develop this site in response to the feedback and needs of our visitors;
  • Expand our online Directory of existing help services to include more and more countries and areas within those countries.  Presently our Directory only contains services in Australia and some areas of the United States.  Our plan is to include services, in particular for women and their families, across the globe.  Before including on our Directory, our policy is to assess services to confirm the information we provide is accurate and that providers are satisfactorily able to meet the needs of people who seek help. This is a demanding (but important) process in terms of time and resources; 
  • Provide better forum support, particularly for women in crisis or people adversely affected by abortion;
  • Expand our blog to offer more news on abortion, particularly from experts and professionals;
  • Promote our online member's network and calendar for the use of pro-life members - both individuals and organisations;
  • Add online tools for pro-lifers members to easily participate in the activities of our organisation, WOMBS - including events, meetings and lobbying activities.


We value feedback on this site and any suggestions for improvement.  Please feel free to provide your feedback using our contact form.



We would be very appreciative of your support in this project by way of a donation or you may wish to join us as a member or volunteer - particularly if you could assist in providing information or recommendations on pregnancy or post-abortion help services in your area. 

We would love to have you involved!

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