Abortion Group is owned by Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd, a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee with members and no shareholders.  It commenced operations on the 8 May 2013.  Its physical office is in Kogarah, NSW, Australia.  The company also has a virtual office website which is the work base for the company's personnel who reside within Australia and internationally.


Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) offers innovative community services for women and others who face life changing decisions relating to pregnancy and abortion.  Our objectives include education, particularly on the facts of human life and abortion, online services for pregnant women, advocacy to reduce the incidence of induced abortion and for recognition of both the rights of unborn children with the rights of women in pregnancy.



The mission of Women & Babies Support is 'to vigorously build up social support for the health of pregnant women to continue in pregnancy by: disseminating the facts on human life and abortion; connecting women to others who have been affected by abortion; and connecting women to support services.' 



The principal objectives of Women & Babies Support as stated in our Constitution are to:

  • promote social support and improve community services for the health of pregnant women to continue in pregnancy;
  • educate on the facts of human development, pregnancy and abortion and support the philosophy of personhood at conception through our website, social media and campaigns or through other means;
  • educate and promote that the life of a human being begins at conception/fertilization as evidenced by science;
  • promote the rights of the child, declared by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) done at New York on 20 November 1989 ([1991] ATS 4), where the definition of a 'child' under Article 1 may be interpreted as extending to an unborn child and this is consistent with the CRC considering the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which indicates the child needs 'appropriate legal protection before as well as after birth';
  • advocate against induced abortion and the discrimination of children before and after birth thereby, through public statements, publications or campaigning, or through other means of public debate and lobby for appropriate legal protection of human beings before and after birth;
  • lobby for more funding for better services, information and care for pregnant women and their families.


Women & Babies Support's other objectives (also stated in our Constitution) include to:

  • distribute information through brochures or through whatever other means, on the facts of human development, pregnancy and abortion;
  • connect pregnant women to local pregnancy counselling and support services;
  • give women and any other affected by abortion the opportunity to share their experiences, anonymously if desired, with others through the company's website and social media;
  • accept individuals and organisations as members who agree without exception with the principal objectives of the company;
  • provide a means by which individual members and member organisations may be jointly represented;
  • provide a networking service for members through the company's website.



Members of Women & Babies Support may be individuals or other organisations.  WOMBS is not a religious organisation or only for women - membership is open to all, women, men, religious, secular, atheists, Australians and non-Australians.  All members have exclusive access to the Member's Network. Within this network, members can find each other according to their geographical location and/or occupation and engage in forums to obtain and share information and support.  Member Organisations may promote their activities through the organisation's 'Coming Events' Calendar.

All members have the opportunity to be informed of the activities of the organisation through email notifications of events and general meetings and may attend these meetings.   Ordinary members may vote at general meetings of the company.

If you agree with Women & Babies Support's mission and objectives, apply to Join WOMBS today!

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