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This website owned and maintained by the not-for-profit organisation, Women & Babies Support (WOMBS) International Ltd. Our personnel consist entirely of volunteers all of whom actively engage in the development and running of the organisation.


Tiana Sakr, B.Bus UNE

Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tiana is a mother of five.  She has a bachelor degree in business with a double major in accounting and computing and was previously an Information Systems Auditor. Recently the youngest of her children started school, enabling Tiana to pursue her work for Women & Babies Support full-time. She loves meeting new people on twitter and tweets at @wombs_intl.  She contributes to the Abortion Group blog on issues which affect women and on abortion.

Tiana's journey with Women & Babies Support started through twitter.  After hearing stories of grief from post-abortive women who felt abortion was their only option or that they weren't well-informed, particularly about their unborn baby, she wanted to work for more women to have the opportunity to be fully informed on abortion and human development and to have good care and real alternatives to abortion available to them if they experience a crisis in pregnancy.

With the support of her family and friends, particularly her husband Elie, cousin Robert and friends from twitter, Sylvia, Jay and Dennis, she founded the company in May 2013. Tiana hopes Women & Babies Support will enable people and organisations to work together through the internet to support women everywhere with real solutions to problems they face in pregnancy and reduce the prevalence of abortion.




Anthony Sakr, B.Ec. Syd. Uni, B.Law UTS



Anthony (Tony) Sakr is married with two children.  He has worked as a solicitor since 1989.  He sees every child as a gift, each very special and as their guardians we are responsible for their protection.

Tony's commitment to Women & Babies Support is to help advance the rights of pregnant women and unborn children.








Robert Boulos, B.Bus. LL.B.



Robert Boulos is a Solicitor and Legal Consultant and has worked in the legal industry for over 8 years.  Currently, Robert is the Solicitor Director of Belgrave Lawyers Pty Ltd, Kogarah, Sydney.










Lynette Boulos, B.Ec. MQ, CPA


Lynette completed a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Accountancy and Economics at Macquarie University and is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA).  She works in the Construction Industry and has done so for the last 25 years. 

Lyn's family and friends mean the world to her.  She enjoys spending time with her parents, spoiling her nieces and catching up with her friends.

The Special Children's Christmas Function and Epilepsy Australia are organisations close to her heart and she has supported them for 14 years and 25 years respectively.

Lynette says it is an honour and privledge to join Women & Babies Support as a Director. Work to recognise the rights of babies before birth, as well as the rights and needs of their mothers, is work to make this world a better place.


Sylvia Czaja, B.Sci.

Project Development Manager

Photo of SylviaSylvia completed a Bachelors degree in Accounting and received training in IT.  She has had notable experience in Business Analysis, Merchandising and Marketing after varied work in retail and service industries.  She is also a WTF certified 1st Dan Blackbelt and has taught Taekwondo to children as young as 4, for approximately 7 years.  Sylvia is based in the UK and is now a full-time mum of two.

When the Philippine Reproductive Bill underwent interpellations in 2011, Sylvia personally felt very strongly about it and started a campaign against it the same year.  Sylvia would not be alive today if her Filipino parents had been able to obtain the tubal ligation they requested two years prior to Sylvia's birth.  Nor would her sister who was born 9 years after Sylvia.  The Reproductive Health Bill (RHB) became law on December 2012 and Sylvia is relieved that after opposition and Supreme Court action, the law has no real teeth as at 8 April 2014.

Sylvia joined a small team opposing the RHB on Facebook in 2011, then immediately branched out to Twitter.  Sylvia is very active in social media which eventually led her to 'meet' Tiana and Jay sometime toward the end of 2012.

Being a mum without help from family or friends, she was able to explore the different services that can be available to women, before and after birth.  She has had experience in dealing with doulas, midwives, a clinical psychologist, breastfeeding support workers, childcare, children's centre staff and benefits advisors.  She is hoping that Women & Babies Support will be able to find services such as these and intelligently connect vulnerable mothers to them.  Email:


Jay Toups

Strategic Consultant

Jay Toups is husband of 25 years to Robin and the father of 6 living children and soon to be grandfather.  He is currently the president of a small consulting company based in Lafayette, Louisiana.  The focus of this company is helping small to medium sized business survive and prosper.  This business springs from Jay's personal call to help others improve their station in life.

Jay has been active in social media since 2010 primarily on twitter and google, as well as helping promote various blogs.  His work on social media is a response to a personal call to evangelize and reach out to other in charity and kindness.  Jay remains active in social media with a growing following on twitter and google.

Social media has given him the opportunity to interact with men, women and families of all races and creeds across the globe wounded by the great tragedy of abortion.  During this time he has been blessed with the gift of friendship of Tiana and Sylvia.  Jay is also the godfather of Sylvia's youngest daughter.  He counts both families as dear friends.                                               Email:




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